$1500 CASH Giveaway

ThriftyHipster is proud to release it’s newest version of the popular Happy Hour Now App (android | iphone) to meet all your summer happy hour needs!

To celebrate, we’re teaming up with Curious Traveler beer to help give you $-Cash Money-$ for doing what you love; Hitting hour hour with friends!


[highlight color="color"]Top User Month 1:[/highlight] $300 in Gift Cards
[highlight color="color"]Top User Month 2:[/highlight] Saints Tailgating Party for 16!   
[highlight color="color"]Top User Month 3:[/highlight] $500 bitesquad bucks
[highlight color="color"]Grand Prize = $1500 CASH![/highlight]

1- Find Happy  Hour, 2- Check in with your favorite social media service, 3- Win!
1- Find Happy Hour, 2- Check in with your favorite social media service, 3- Win!
      1. 1. If you don’t already have it, INSTALL the ThriftyHipster App on your Smartphone (android iphone)



      • 2. Use the App to find happy hours. Once you find one, CHECK IN to Facebook or Foursquare THROUGH THE APP (you can connect to Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter all at once and double your badges and check in points!)


      • 3. USE IT OVER AND OVER. Every time you save money by hitting a happy hour is another chance for you to win the cash!


[highlight color="color"]PRIZES: Prizes will be awarded monthly to the "TOP USER" each month. Cash Prize is given based on a random drawing.  Here is how to win:[/highlight]
  • Every Check-in = 1 pt/drawing entry
  • Every Curious Traveler drank = 1 pt/drawing entry


Want to increase your chances at winning the cash? It’s easy. Order an awesome Curious Traveler Beer, and let us know in your check in message.

We’ve made this very easy for you to do, just use the “@” button when checking in and we’ll track that to the bar and your check in with the #trvlr and enter you 2X to win the money!

Here are some awesome local bars that feature Curious Traveler on Tap (click to view happy hour times)




[title]CONTEST FAQ & RULES[/title]
[accordion id="accordion"]  [head] How Do you Choose a Winner? [/head] [content] Winners are chosen each month for a smaller prize ($500) and 1 time for the big prize ($1500 cash. [/content]  [head] Can Anyone Enter?[/head] [content] Yes. All you have to do is use the app 1 time to be entered in the drawing for $1500 cash [/content]  [head] Does going to Happy Hour Every Day Increase my Chances? [/head] [content] Every time you go to happy hour, you get 1 entry. Every time you post about Curious Traveler, that is another entry. Although the drawing is random, the more entries you have, the more chances you have to win.  Also, the top user of each month will win a prize worth around $500 [/content] [head] How does the social media aspect of this work?[/head] [content] Rather than build another tool for you to check in with, we wanted to give you the ability to use your existing social accounts. Now, you're still able to get all the same benefits and badges in foursquare, for example, as you would if you checked in there. The only difference, is by doing it through us, we can give you another entry to the contest.[/content][head] Does it help if I share this with my friends? [/head] [content] It certainly doesn't hurt! You should definitely tell your friends about this contest! The more that enter, the more money in the prize at the end [/content] [head] I just found out about this, can I still win? [/head] [content] Others may have more entries, but just go out and enjoy happy hour! It's fun, easy, and you save money every time you use the app. There is nothing to lose, and you will be entered every time you do. [/content] [head] Is there a catch? You're just going to give me $1500? [/head] [content] Yep, that's right! The only real catch is we have to make the goal of downloads. We need to get a total of 30,000 local Twin Citians with the app, otherwise the cash prize will be reduced [/content] [head] Does ThriftyHipster need any help? [/head] [content] Always. We're a small local company! Please spread the word, tell your friends, tell your favorite bars, and have fun in your city! If you want to help beyond that, we have volunteers that like to get out and spread the word at shows, write, or take photos.  Sign up here [/content]