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Do you own a bar or restaurant?  Or really any local business? Are you looking for ways to increase profits, save time, and make your business more high-tech? Have you successfully done this already and looking to share your story?

Then join the ThriftyHipster BarTech Email.  We work with over 75 local bars in the Twin Cities, and a few others as far away as in Orange County, CA!  We see some succeed, we see others fail, but we believe in every case, there is a lesson.  We also work closely with Facebook and Google on a regular basis. They are CONSTANTLY updating tools, releasing features, modifying how you are found… and WE know about it 1st; meaning so do you.  Here is an example about what we write about.

Our goal is to learn from these lessons, break it down, give you little nuggets of success…. Every other week we release this info, and take requests from you about what you want to learn about, so we can save you the headache of doing the research.

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