Beer: Part of Minnesota’s History

Well, if you didn’t think that it was before, the Minnesota Historical Society is here to prove it to you.  This summer, you have the unique opportunity to join in historical walking and bus tours all over St. Paul.


These thoughtful, educational beer series gives people a 1st hand look at the history of the Twin Cities, as you crawl from brewery to brewery with guides from MNHS.  Cram over 150 years of history in this summer at the following beer events (chronological). – Make sure to add a few of these to your calendar!


Here’s what’s on Tap for the Summer


You can find out about all the events here.

If you don’t want the full list, we’ve talked with the staff, looked at the various events, and put the best stuff down for you.

Below is a list of the ones you’ll want to add to your calendar.


History Happy Hour – MNHS Event Link

At the Alexander Ramsey house, guests gather monthly to investigate and learn over cocktails.  Each month is a new theme with special guest bartenders or drinks.  It’s a great thing to try over a traditional bar setting.



Wednesdays this Summer


History Crawls. St. Paul has history in booze.  From whiskey traders, to triangle streets, to a vibrant German Brewing District… It’s wild to see the impact brewing took on the city, even in it’s earliest days.  Take a historical tour of everything boozy with the MNHS and never view the city the same again!



June 20

St. Paul’s Brewing History Bus Tour

A daytime, 3-hour bus tour to today’s breweries. It’s going to be like a roving beer fest of sampling and fun on a bus… But you’ll actually leave there smarter. How’s that for a beer event?



June 25

History Happy Hour “Vintage Vacation”

Featuring a look at old postcards and trips. See how the MN Landscape has changed and enjoy some sweet cocktails.



July 18

St. Paul’s Brewing History Bus Tour


July 30

History Happy Hour: “Martinis”

This month, join bartender Jesse Held of the Bartender’s Guild as he makes killer martinis.



Aug 1

Bars, Bootleggers, and Booze Bus Tour

Branching out from beer on this one, you’ll learn about legacy brands like Phillips and others, like Minnesota 13, an illegal brand during prohibition.  You’ll also be stopping in at the new leaders of the craft spirits scene, and getting samples all along the way…



Aug 22

St. Paul’s Brewing History Bus Tour –

If you missed the June 20 event, you’ve got one more chance this summer… a tour of new breweries and sites of old… and getting samples all the way!



Aug 27

History Happy Hour: “Historical Hoaxes”

See the history of various famous hoaxes we’ve been involved in, it’s quite a list!