The Zany Cocktails and Folks behind Can Can Wonderland

Matt visited them for a Halloween party and had a blast, so I just knew I had to go check it out…and well:
There is something in the air! You take one step through the doors and you can feel it, feel an energy unlike any other bar in town. Can Can Wonderland  is a true hidden gem of St. Paul that has something for everyone. From mini golf, to karaoke, tap dancing, arcade games and boozy milkshakes, welcome to their world.
As you arrive at Can Can and make your way to the front line, you are greeted by the lights and sounds of classic arcade games lined against each wall. Through the entrance, you will find a full-service bar and tap wall for immediate libation attention! Then once drink is in hand, you can wander and find two performance stages and elaborate art installations that decorate the walls and ceiling.
Now let’s get back to the drinks! The cocktail menu is quite impressive and luckily I had the chance to sit down with one of the Bar Managers, to learn more about the drinks and Can Can itself.
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Can Can Wonderland Highlight: The Cocktails.

Tony is one of the Bar Managers at Can Can Wonderland. He joined the team just over four months ago and is loving all of it! Tony originally was attracted to the bar industry because he enjoyed talking with people. Coming from a background in corporate bartending and management, he was looking for a change when he found an open position at Can Can. “There is such an energy to this place, it’s contagious! Best bar job I’ve ever had!”


A variation of Pimm’s cup, this colorful cocktail tops the list as one of Tony’s and Can Can Wonderland guests’ favorites. The breakdown: Prairie organic gin, strawberry, rhubarb, cucumber, lime, and Bittercube orange bitters. The drink is topped with crushed raspberries and a mint leaf garnish. This refreshing drink with a slight bit of fizz is ready to delight your taste buds and hit the course!


Old Fashion Mastodon
One of the most impressive looking drinks on the menu with a twist on a classic. The breakdown: Plantation five-year Don Fulano Blanco, hibiscus syrup, butterfly pea flower and Bittercube Jamaican #2 bitters. Served in your classic low ball glass, this rich colored drink features a vibrant sapphire colored sphere of pea flower ice that dances in the center.


Have you heard of Can Can’s latest addition to their menu?! Welcome the Tap Wall! It features 36 beers, cocktails, kombucha and cold press taps. One of the best parts of the tap wall is that you only pay for what you pour. There are touch screens for each tap that tells you the price per ounce. When you start to pour, it tracks how many ounces and you can know exactly how much you’re spending. It’s great for sampling lots of different drinks and fast with being self-service.


Can Can Wonderland not only features a variety of events that are included with your $2 entry fee. Events take place regularly Thursday through Saturday on their two stages. Live music and interactive performances are what you will find most often and include: rap battles, cabaret dancers, drag queens, and local bands in the regular lineups. You are sure to see something new and entertaining! The Clown Cabret was on the main stage when I visited and I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time! They were quite the entertainers!
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Tap wall
$2 entry fee, free events, and shows
Local artists and creators
unique cocktails

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Can Can Wonderland is a must-try spot for cocktails, shows, and mini-golf.