Saints Tailgating at CHS Field with Bent Brewstillery

ThriftyHipster is at it again this summer. MN’s most loved happy hour website joins MN Most fun baseball team to host a series of tailgating parties…


It also has become apparent that unless you’re on top of the end of summer, it will be your ONLY chance to check out the new CHS Field (almost all home games are currently sold out).


These events are designed to bring people together for a fun outing of meeting new people!  30 people / event means a big enough group to be a party, but small enough to make new friends!


SECURE A TICKET for $20 and Support ThriftyHipster!



  • Tailgating party! Complete with place settings, tents, games, and personal cook!
  • An Infield-Reserve ticket (normally $16 bucks)
  • Gourmet grill Food/Set-up/Tailgating games
  • Best Part? FREE BEER!!!! (from your awesome local brewery, Bent Brewstillery
  • Cocktails


You can choose from the following dates:


  • Friday, June 5th Grateful Dead and Fireworks night!
  • Wednesday, August 5 – Bobblehead Night (don’t forget the infamous Larry Craig Bobble-foot!)
  • Tuesday, August 18 – There is almost nothing ThriftyHipster loves more than Trivia night at the baseball game, unless of course, you add in some Star Wars Trivia! It’s Han Solo night!


Have a bigger group or strapped for cash?  No Problem! Win a ticket! – At ThriftyHipster, we believe everyones’ got the right, you shouldn’t have to fight…. to party!



Catcher and Pig new chs field OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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