A few week’s ago I’m sure you all remember the incident with Surdyk’s, and how they sold booze on a Sunday, despite being told to close.

Well, apparently a lot of people got mad a me for saying this was a HUGE over-reach, and it was nice to see the city agree with me.


By my calculations…

The Fine for Selling booze on a Sunday:

I’m not counting lost wages/income tax, loss of sales for local businesses and breweries. Instead, just looking at the $2M in sales for the month lost = 

  • 6.875% for Minnesota (~137k)
  • .15% for Hennepin County (~3k)
  • .5% for Minneapolis (~10k, so about 8k less than the fine)

WCCO reported that the city of Minneapolis settled this claim, to $6k fines and 10-day close.

This is a huge win for Surdyk’s employees, who won’t have trouble paying rent in August, though still a loss for the State.  At least the City is getting 6k, but losing out on $3,300 in sales taxes.

Ah well. Local politics.