Global Dance Festival 2013

People say that God’s greatest gift to humanity is electronic music. Those who have disagreed have been proven wrong time and time again. However, these dissenters are right in some respects, as it is now clear that Global Dance Festival is the true greatest gift to humanity. And now it is almost time for the return of Global Dance Festival to the great city of Minneapolis at Mill City Nights.


Global Dance Festival 2013 is making its way back to Minneapolis July 20 to the legendary venue Mill City Nights, headlined by national sensation Bro Safari. Bro Safari will be joined by special guest UFO, Butch Clancy, Designer Drugs, as well as three local contest winners.


The lucky contestants battled it out Thursday night at The Nether Bar for the exclusive rights to preform along side the headliners. The Local DJs put on an amazing preliminary show, giving the crowd a small taste this week’s festival.


Anticipation is high, and so is the volume, so come out to Mill City Nights Saturday for Global Dance Festival 2013. We will see you there.