How to Drink Good, Cheap Wine

The New York Times recently took a look at some nice, “Natural Wines” and what they found? The answer people living the Thrifty Hip lifestyle were hoping for. Their Advice? “Ignore the Snobs, Drink the Cheap, Delicious Wine.

People that are spending close to $40 for Organic, more “natural” wines are not getting a boost in flavor.  In fact, the mass produced wines that go sub $10 often times are developed by taste panels and scientists looking to make a phenomenal product that tastes like the most expensive bottles.  They use additives and other flavorings to give the wine a richer look and flavor.

Now, I’m definitely more of a purist when it comes to what I consume myself, so obviously I’d prefer the more expensive wines holistically, but $45 vs $10 – It’s no comparison for most people, myself included, and when you’re not actually giving up flavor, why not?

Anyway, check the research for yourself…

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