Who’s Hungry? The Tasty Handsome Hog Happy Hour

There is nothing quite like the Handsome Hog in St. Paul’s Lowertown, and if you’re in to gourmet meats, you’re going to love this happy hour!

This St. Paul newbie opened May of 2016 and serves up contemporary southern cuisine – think Chicken N Waffles, Bone-in-Pork Chops and Fried Catfish.

Chef Justin Sutherland, formerly of Meritage and Brasserie Zentral, is big on sourcing locally and complementing his dishes with seasonal ingredients whenever possible.

Handsome Hog’s Happy Hour Twice Daily


You will find Hamm’s on tap flowing freely during Happy Hour.  Well, not exactly free but almost at $2 a glass. Coors Light and other Domestic Beers are $3, $5 Well Drinks (with a pretty decent well selection), Vino? Just $4 for the House Red/White.






The Happy Hour Munchie selection is a great, affordable way to experience a sampling of menu items that also appear (in one form or another) on the lunch and dinner menu.

The Mac N Cheese is a mixture of American, cheddar and cottage cheese (as wells as other secret ingredients) topped with Benson’s bacon (from Tennesee, aged 9-10 months, slowly cured)  This classic comfort food is rich, creamy and filling and served piping hot in its own little cast iron, country crock.  Other menu items include: Chicken Fried Ribs at $7 and, for $6 each, Brisket and Pork Belly Sliders, Wings (bourbon, smoke dry rub and Tennessee hot) and Hushpuppies.



These hearty specialty sandwiches are both made with the house ham.  At $10, you can order the New Orleans Muffaletta: salami, mortadella (roasted pork with garlic and spices) and provolone or go with the Classic Cuban at $8.  The Cuban is served Panini style and seriously rivals the legendary Cuban at  Victor’s 1959 Café.  





Order the Cuban Classic with the side salad for $8 and a $2 Hamm’s on tap.  With tip, you’ve spent a mere $12 but you’ll be living high on the hog like Hemingway in Havana.



meat bar at handsome hog


Not surprising a restaurant called Handsome Hog would have their very own “meat bar.”  The Meat Bar is great for sharing.

The Garde Manger, Bo was very knowledgeable and clearly has a passion for the amazing charcuterie plates he fixes.  These carnivorous plates are epic.  A daily selection of cured and smoked meats are served, with a medley of pickled vegetables: mushrooms, cauliflower, sundried tomatoes served with fresh bread.  

It allows you to sample an array of meats such as Tasso Ham (a Cajun-style ham), Capicola (an Italian Antipasto) and Handsome Hog’s homemade terrine. The meats are complemented with incredible mustard pairings such as watermelon whole grain and bourbon peach. The Mangelica ham can be purchased as an “add on” to the standard meat plate.  It’s priced per ounce so it’s great to sample when someone else is picking up the tab.  Mangelica is a Spanish ham.  This unusual free-range, grass-fed, wooley pig (has a fleece like a sheep) comes from Hungary.  Its diet consists of acorns, barley, wheat and anything else it forages.  The ham is sent to Spain where it is cured in caves for a minimum of 2 years (and sometimes longer).  Its fat content is higher than most ham which is why it is especially juicy and tender. Modern Farmer calls it the “Kobe Beef of Ham.


The staff is knowledgeable, easy-going and friendly.  You get the feeling they enjoy their jobs, which only transcends into creating a comfortable, pleasant and laid-back experience for guests, southern style.



Happy Hour 2X Daily

Mid Day 2- 5pm & Late Night 9-11PM Monday – Thursday & Friday & Saturday: 10PM – 12AM



$2-3 Beers
Giant $8 Cuban!
Share-size Charcuterie
Southern-style Chef-Driven Food
Cool, friendly staff
Vast bourbon selection