Make Sure Your New Year’s Eve is a Success

New Year’s Eve in the Twin Cities is a pretty big deal.  Many events go all out trying to produce bigger and cooler events.  Thrifty Hip has worked with many of these promoters over the years, and if you’re planning on going out, make sure you plan accordingly.

Here are some tips to make sure you have the best New Year’s Eve experience this and every year.



If you really want to have a good time this New Year’s Eve, you have to do a little planning.  December 31st in MN is cold. There is snow, drunks on the road, and crazy cover charges everywhere.  So make sure you consider:


Are you looking for a chill night with friends?  An all-night rager?

I like to break up “what’s best” when talking New Year’s Eve parties based on your overall goals of the night.

nye crystal ball international market squre
Parties at International Market Square are insane! Know what to expect.

You’re Single, but hoping to enter 2017 with a date.

Choose a big party!

If you’re looking forward to hooking up or meeting a person to celebrate the New Year with, you’ll probably want to choose one of the bigger events (and go early! See next tip). People get all dressed up and are in a good mood.


Talk to as many people early on as you can, then find them close to 12am. Kissing them at the 12AM countdown works every time.


It’s your 1 night a year to go all out.

Choose a big party!

Consider getting a hotel or your ride situation, but come make sure you budget and show up with fun on your mind.


You’re on a budget, but still want to party.

Choose a bar close by!

Cabs, drinks, tickets… they can all get pretty darn expensive.  Best to just find a fun place to hang where you’ll be able to be with friends and get easy bar access.


I would choose a larger bar with nothing too special going on for the best of both worlds… Bonus if it’s close by.  Cover will be low, drinks won’t be inflated, and it will still be pretty packed, without being annoyingly so.



Most big events will offer HUGE discounts to people buying before December 1. It might sound crazy, but you’ll beat 50% of cover charges, which ultimately gives you more drinking money!

Likewise, check out Facebook event pages regularly, I guarantee most events will have a promo code.

Don’t be afraid of a higher priced event ticket if it includes drinks. But don’t be duped either; think about how hard you’re going to party and figure out where the best deal is.

Make sure you know what you’re buying… A VIP Table or just Ticket. Lot’s of the bigger NYE events will sell you additional access for $20 more, but not give you a table.

Likewise, consider the value of a VIP table; a table might require 2 bottles, but at $200 each, you’re talking $400. Oftentimes it’s just a little more to go with this option when dividing among friends…

vip table



packed bar on new year's eve
Long bar lines, cab lines, coat check. Avoid by showing up and leaving a little early.


Everyone wants to pre-party in their hotel or wait til the last minute to score a cab.  That is a rookie mistake.  Remember, where most bar nights climax around 1:30AM, on New Year’s Eve, that happens at 12AM.  You’ll want to get to the event at least 1.5 hours sooner than a normal bar night.

Also, going early is the best way to meet new people (hopefully smoochable at Midnight) – as soon as it fills up, Minnesotans famously fall in to their same groups.

Avoid lines, get drinks fast, get your coat checked, make buddy buddy with your bartender (for stiff, quick drinks…) – Showing up early is essential.



Likewise, leaving before everyone does will ensure you get your coat (at the very least get your coat!) and a cab/uber.  You’re going to pay through the nose already, but leaving 30 minutes early can mean the difference between standing outside all night waiting for a cab or getting home comfy in your bed.


I would recommend getting to your event no later than 9pm. This will give you plenty of time to party, meet new people, secure a spot to ring in the New Year. Beat the crowds after the event by leaving no later that 1:15AM.



And finally, keep expectations LOW. I’ve found the nights before/after the actual New Year’s Eve are the best, because you don’t expect anything! Often-times, the stress of planning the perfect New Year’s equals = not having the perfect New Year’s.

Instead, remember that you’re looking for a good time. Keep stress to a minimum, know that if you’re going downtown Minneapolis what to expect.



Go out with a positive attitude. Joke about little logistical troubles you run in to. Don’t take New Year’s Eve too seriously. Life’s a party after all.

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