Travail’s New BBQ in Northeast


Kansas style barbecue comes to Northeast Minneapolis, and it is smokin’!

From the great minds of the Travail Collective, we have the latest addition to the rapidly expanding Minneapolis barbecue scene. Minnesota Barbecue Company is a take-out barbecue restaurant welcomed this weekend into the northeast neighborhood and they are ready to serve! The location is 816 Lowry Ave, you may have been by recently and smelled the custom smoker in action. Kale Thome, executive chef, who is originally from Kansas is excited to share these new flavors to the neighborhood.

What we tried:

St. Louis Pork Ribs-

These smoked ribs have a slightly crispy bark and are juicy enough to give almost no resistance coming off the bone. You will get the smoky meaty flavor right away, and also a sweet and slightly spicy barbecue flavor as you continue to indulge.  Give them a drizzle of their house-made KC style BBQ sauce for a little extra flavor.

Smoked Brisket-

We were just showing up when we got the action shot of the slab being cut. You can see how it just falls apart being so tender. This brisket is smoked for 8-10 hours so it has had plenty of time for the savory flavor to soak in.

Cheesy Noodles-

A crafted take on shells and cheese. This is a staple of a side dish, one of the fixins you would expect at any barbeque. These are topped with a some crispies so you get a tiny bit of crunch. Don’t miss this when ordering sides.

Dirty Rice & Beans-

Yellow rice, red beans and some greens mixed together. These are extra dirty, and so well executed. The flavor is mild, but it is a nice hearty side that will fill you up.


As this new spot continues to grow, the menu will as well. This is a take-out only spot, so we expect to see a lot of people picking up some MN BBQ Co on their way to their favorite brewery or park this summer. We are excited to see what happens here in the upcoming months, stop through soon and get you some Q!


Wed-Saturday 5-10pm

Sunday 5-8pm

(Or until the meat runs out)

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Eat up!