New Covid Rules, MN Bars, and how you can support them

As of 11/16/2020 Governor Tim Walz has announced new rules to try and stop the current peak of Covid-19 cases in Minnesota. Just today, Minnesota experienced 67 deaths and has a positivity rate of over 18%.

While we appreciate that the Governor is using data and science to measure his response (as well as the fact that Minnesota is currently surrounded by some of the worst places in the entire world) we’re saddened that this means more restrictions on the places we’ve been missing so much already.

On the positive side… MOST rules only affect later-night kind of activities, allowing most breweries and restaurants to resume dining, even if in limited capacity.

UPDATE 11/19/2020: Hospitals are being overrun. And new restrictions are going in place just a few days since this article was originally written discussing curfew; We are now moving toward closures of Restaurants, Gyms, and Youth Sports – Full article CBS 

Covid Rules for Dining in Minnesota (and the Twin Cities)

In General…

  1. Close at 10pm
  2. 50% Capacity and no more than 150 people at any one time
  3. Socially-distanced tables in groups <10
  4. No bar seating/clumping people together
  5. Diligent staff and cleaning protocols


Minnesota Breweries are leading in Health & Safety

Proud to say many of the Minnesotan breweries are self-regulating and doing a better job than nearly any other consumer-facing industry.  They’ve been following strict standards and have pledged to keep both their staff and consumers safe.

Now, you can make a reservation, order from your table, and socially distance all while enjoying your favorite beers from your favorite breweries.

minnesota craft beer passport minneapolis pub pass

Want to Support Local?  Here are some great tips from our friends at Craft Notes, complete with interactive map and takeaway features.

This article recommends doing take-away service, ordering gift cards or passports that can be used later, and just doing whatever you can to help them stay the course.

Minnesota’s Official Craft Beer Passport

Health & Safety Passport” – will help you resume your missing drinks and bar-hopping. It never expires and includes complimentary craft beers from over 80 MN Breweries that are the most committed to safety.

In addition, sales go back directly to the industry via the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild, so you can feel good about doing your part.

Where to get a Free Covid-19 Test in Minnesota?

Want to help small businesses? The first thing you can do is help stop the spread so restrictions are lifted, and more importantly, that PEOPLE FEEL SAFE to go back to the way things were.

With an expansion of FREE testing, Minnesota seems to be one of the better states in America in this regard.  I personally tried this out the other week (I was negative) on the 2nd day open at the Minneapolis Civic Center Test Site.

Free Covid Testing in Minneapolis is SUPER easy to do.

  1. Go to convention center and get free parking (on 1st ave West side of building)
  2. Go in and get a test
  3. Add your info into the app, spit, turn it in
  4. Wait 24-48 hours for the email with your results

These are FREE SPIT TESTS. You can even have these mailed to you. 


Free MN Covid Testing Sites



Thank you for doing what you can. Best wishes for you all.


Free Covid testing for all!
Craft Beer Passport never expires
Over $800 in drinks for $45
You can STILL go out
You can STILL do cool things (while being safe)
You can support your favorites

– Here's the Deal –

The long and short of it is: We all do better when we all do better. Lots of people are struggling right now, but Minneosotans have always supported eachother and we'll get through it together.