Most Obvious Thrifty Tip

– For Everyone but Stacy Pincus –

As curators of “Thrifty” we pride ourselves on helping you find some good deals.  We usually try to focus on things that are not very obvious, but reading the news today made me realize we were ignoring the obvious things that I assumed everyone knew.

And so, we’d like to dedicate this article to the 1% of consumers on this planet that are too dumb to know these “Obvious” Thrfity Tips… Like Stacy Pincus of IL (who is suing Starbucks for $5M for putting ice in her ice drinks, apparently because she must think every other customer is as dumb as her).

Maybe its because I passed 2nd grade science, but I think most of us understand that when filling a container with liquid, adding another liquid or solid displaces some of the volume…

Anyway, to help you get the most value out of your beverage consumption, here are a few “Obvious Thrifty Tips:”


Iced-Coffee: “How many Shots?”

Because this is the topic of Crazy Stacy’s lawsuit, let’s start here with the obvious.

Iced coffee DOES have ice in it.  In fact, its called that because Ice + Coffee = Iced Coffee.  Ice displaces the liquid (coffee), so for example, a 16oz cup could clearly not have 16oz of coffee + ice.  The same applies to soda or any beverage.

Side-note: Who wants to get in on a class-action against Coke for filling our sugar water with air bubbles!?!!?

Starbucks, as big as they are, are still just coffee roasters.  Sure, they might sell the random crappy CD that has been stuck in your office CD Player (I mean, if you work at a bank or some other building that is apparently still rocking a CD Player), but that by no means makes them chemists that can somehow create ice-less ice coffee.

ThriftyTip: Want to know how much coffee you are getting? Ask, “How many shots of espresso in that?”

This Tip also applies to…

Hot Coffee/Tea: “How many Shots?” or “no cream”

Standard Drip Coffee… Don’t let that barista fool you….


Sure, he might look hip with those tats and moustache, but when he asks you, “Room for cream…?” You’ll know that you’ll have your drip coffee “sans room” straight black. At least for that 1st drink (then just fill it with cream. Works every time.)


“How Many shots?….”

Maybe it’s because I always get Americanos, but any tea drinker should know this one as well.


A “Large Tea” still is just 1 tea bag.  

ThriftyTip-Tea: 1) get a small tea, 2) steep for 3 minutes, 3) remove tea bag, 4) drink, 5) Put tea bag back in cup and ask for more hot water.


Americanos usually cost more Small-Medium-Large.  Ask how many shots? Typically, 2 shots in a Small/Medium and 3 in a Large.  Just ask so you can get what you want.


Starbucks employees smiling as they put one over on Stacy Pincus by serving ice in her ice drink


Let’s sue McDonalds next for low caffeine



Don’t be fooled by head…or glass size


When I go to a bar, am I getting a full pint?  Sometimes you get one of those really thick glass-bottom glasses, making your pint deceptively 14oz, or a lot of head, making it even less beer.

Honestly Stacy, don’t you think those practices are much more dishonest than ice in ice coffee?

ThriftyTip: Get a Full Pint. Go to a bar that serves beer the right way, or better yet,

Brit’s Pub: a Good English Pint – That’s 20oz of beer y’all! – Happy Hour

Dangerous Man: A “True Pint” lineInfo


dangerous man pint glasses



In Conclusion, Stacy, you are a moron.


Stacy, don’t think this is too harsh though. You are not alone. Here is a 4 year old kid who also clearly doesn’t grasp the concept of volume either.


Don’t be fooled by the big hand! This can of beer still 12oz