Local Writers

Jack Sussman

My passion for happy hour culture has been enhanced by living in Milwaukee. I am now living in my hometown of Minneapolis and have been running Thrifty Hipster! I bring a perspective of being both an avid happy hour customer and a bartender to my natural sense of curiosity and adventure.View posts

Katie Jones

Katie is the co-host, producer, and social media guru of Women Drinking Beer: A podcast that reviews beer and interviews women in the beer industry with a focus on the Twin Cities beer scene. Born and raised in MN, Katie loves the Twin Cities and all it has to offer. Find her at a brewery, local theatre production, Trivia night or out and about anywhere with friends where the food, entertainment, or beer is good. She’s an amateur musician with a deep love of music and gets in touch with her inner old-lady crocheting scarves and listening to MPR. Katie hopes to make all feel welcome here in her beloved MN and hopes you might, as her podcast sign off invites, “come have a beer with us!”View posts

Lauren Garin

Lauren is a social media creator, stylist, dancer and cocktail and beer connoisseur. She thrives off of meeting new people and learning the best "bar stories" each bartender has in their back pocket. She loves creating content for local businesses and spreading the word on the next up-and-coming watering hole. Check out her blog, love & chaos, for more stories!View posts

Mark Rosenthal

Not a happy hour rookie. I can thrift with the best of them. After working in the Como neighborhood for a few years, I familiarized myself with the nearby deals. My interest in the local craft beer scene has pushed me farther into how to stretch my dollar. Let me tell you about what I have learned. CheersView posts

Matt Dowgwillo

Matt Dowgwillo is one of the original ThriftyHipster.com founders. He is also an avid foodie, amateur chef, part-time yogi, dog-lover, world-traveler, moped-driving-lunatic, and beer enthusiast who has lived in Minneapolis on and off since 1997. Matt started this site to help people explore the city and live like kings on a budget. He is now a Food-tourist, traveling the world, sampling street food or drinking with local riffraff in between his investigations of the Twin Cities. He helps upkeep this blog by writing about his favorite restaurants and some of the cooler, more underground or beer events.View posts

Sam Spadino

Samuel Spadino is an artist and activist, born and raised in Minnesota. He's got a director's vision, a writer's imagination, and a humorist's wit. Whether it's capturing tight tees on Instagram, researching the latest in Party Science, or tweeting about his political obsession Bernie Sanders, Sam's our go to social guy. "I've been lucky enough to live in NYC, LA, and countries around the world, but there's something about Minneapolis that always brings me back home. We have the coolest, most creative people in the world, I'm lucky to call many of them friends..."View posts