Oyster Happy Hour comes to Uptown Minneapolis

ah….bringing me back to my trips to Seattle… ’bout time we embraced the “oyster happy hour.”

Sometimes us seafood junkies can feel a little down in Minneapolis. We’re about as far as can be from great seafood. Thankfully, some choice spots, like the Smack Shack, Kyatchi (with probably the best shashimi in Minneapolis), and some other folks have really nailed it in recent years, but I’ve always missed a really good happy hour special on my fav: The Oyster.

Starting December 2018, from the folks that bring me some of my favorite french fries, Barbette’s new Trapeze Room is kicking off Oyster Happy hour.  For 1 hour a day, Thursday – Saturday, you can enjoy $1 Oysters. That’s all the oysters you care to eat for just a buck. Damn.

Oysters are flown in live and fresh daily from the coasts, and you’ll have a few chef choice oysters to enjoy.  Wash  it down with some choice bubbly. Barbette sommelier has worked hard to source some refreshing, amazing wines you can find nowhere else in Minneapolis.

Barbette (Trapeze Bar)


Oyster Happy Hour

Thursday – Saturday 5pm-12am
$1 Oysters (next door at the Trapeze)

For up-to-date happy hour specials and events:

Barbette Happy Hour


$1 Oysters. Nuff said.
Chic, artsy atmosphere
A bar devoted to bubbly
Oysters baby!

– Here's the Deal –

$1 Oysters, yo!