Prince Music Vault Opens

Many MN’s celebrated the life of our most famous (behind Bob Dylan) and most popular local musician, Prince.

We’ve listened weekly to the issues with his will.  Listened as Chanhassen pretends they’re valuable and for some reason allowing Paisley Park to turn in to a museum (where it’s mostly random city councilmen trying to get some name recognition). – We’re glad that got mostly cleared up.

As a huge Prince fan, I was super excited to hear what tracks were going to be on it.  Just think of the House and Hip Hop samples… Well, I gotta say it made me a little sad to find out that nearly all of the 37,000 hours of music in Prince’s music vault were Billy Joel Covers.

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prince in his studio
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I checked out "Paisley Park" in Golden Valley (near a friend's house). Possible relation to the Purple One's mama...
I checked out “Paisley Park” in Golden Valley (near a friend’s house) last Friday and lit an appropriate vigil. Possible relation to the Purple One’s mama…

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