In a HUGE overstep by the Minneapolis City Council, Surdyk’s is losing their liquor license for the month of JULY (and a small fine), as reported yesterday by the Star Tribune. That’s about a $2 MILLION fine when put in perspective of their $25M annual sales total.

Their infraction? They Sold Liquor on Sunday.  Before they were allowed to, in July.

They did NOT get anyone boozed up that already didn’t want to.
They saved a few Nordeasters from travelling to Wisconsin or their neighboring bars.

I suppose the true irony here is that they probably just sold a bunch of beer that anyone could have gone to a taproom to buy (since 2014, Beer Activists).

Call me crazy. Disagree with me if you want, but this is a great example of the City of Minneapolis trying to make a huge issue out of nothing.

Now, that’s not to say that Surdyk’s, which makes more money than you or I will ever have, should be held above the law and be excused, but perhaps the council should instead fine them $50,000 and put the money to good use (fill potholes? Anyone? Anyone?).  -Heck, you could even ban them from selling on Sundays in July.

Surdyk’s Fine in Perspective:

  • It’s like MN throwing a guy in jail for 6 years for holding an once of weed…
  • It’s like not electing a super-experienced and qualified president because she doesn’t understand the intricacies of how email works…
  • It’s like Police shooting someone already hand-cuffed and on the ground…

Plus, if you think about it, who does this really hurt? People working at Surdyk’s aren’t raking it in, but now, thanks to the Minneapolis City Council, they get to enjoy a month of no pay (and who’s going to find a job for a month?) – But at least the end of July is probably the best month to visit the North Shore!

Anyway, it’s not my goal to get political, you can get that on Facebook. And to make this a good “Thrifty Tip” for you…

Nearby Breweries you can get beer on Sunday right now:

  1. NORTH LOOP: Modist and Inbound will all sell you a growler on Sunday
  2. NORDEAST: Insight, Dangerous Man, and many more just down the street!

Nearby Bars where you can drink cheap at on Sunday right now:

Check out all nearby specials by visiting this link.
(I added an event on Sunday, so you can see who else has happy hour…)

  1. New Bohemia (right across the street) Get $3 Beers all day, plus other great specials.
  2. 1029 Bar has $3.50 beer specials all day and $6 Jumbo Bloodies
  3. Shaw’s Bar is just an awesome place, with $3.50 Windsor and other decent rails all the time.
  4. Otter Bar has $2.50 Rails and Domestic beers pretty much all day.
  5. Ray J’s has a great happy hour and tap list as well.



– Here's the Deal –

People like to drink. Businesses should follow the law. Fines/Penalties for breaking the law should be proportional to the damage done (and against those that deserve it)