Town Hall Brewery Celebrates 19 Years of Local Beer

I’d personally like to congradulate Town Hall Brewery for making great beer over the last 19 years.

They’ve been leaders in our local craft beer scene and in my personal opinion, make 1 of the all-time best beers available anywhere, the West Bank Bitter.

town hall brewery opens
Founders starting the brewery via T-Hall FB Page


I remember finding this place 17 years ago, when I was a student at the University of MN.  My friend Jesse worked there and took me in for a beer.  At the time, “Craft Beer” really meant Sierra Nevada, Anchor Steam, and Summit, but Town Hall quickly became my favorite spot to go.

For my birthday, she got me a “Pint Club Membership” and to this day, I still enjoy the perks ($.75 off beers and free beer for 1 hour on Saturday afternoons) – sorry, but the membership program is over.

We’d drink there almost every day after class and I started to bring my hippie friends in (because as you know, hippies love good beer).  Happy Hour was every night, and with my pint club membership, I would drink $1.25 beers. GOOD BEERS FOR $1.25!!!!

So, lots of good memories, and not just of great beer.  Which is why I say “thank you” to Town Hall for doing such a great job and making such a big impact to local beer.



Town Hall Brewery Anniversary Week

7 Corners Minneapolis

Happy Hour FB Event


So make sure you go celebrate 19 years of local beer this week! Events are happening each night.

Monday, Oct 24 @ 5pm: Double Beer Release: Anniversary Ale & Three Hour Tour

Tuesday, Oct 25 @ 7pm: Anniversary Beer Dinner

Wednesday, Oct 26 @ 5pm: Mango Mama in Pints & Growlers

Thursday, Oct 27 @ 7:30pm: Beer Trivia at THB with Trivia Mafia | 730pm

*Thrifty Tip* Throwback Thursday Menu…does it mean $2 happy hour beers?!? Have to show up to find out.

Friday, Oct 28 @ 5pm: Barrel-Aged Beer Sampling (beers aged in various whiskey barrels)

Saturday, Oct 29: Russian Roulette Imprerial Release (11am) and Free Brewery Tours (12-5PM)


– Here's the Deal –

Local Craft Beer was really a trend started at Town Hall Brewery, before it was really a trend. Make sure to stop by and help them celebrate 19 years!