Merriest Oktoberfest of them All!

– Twin Cities Beer Choir Presents... –

What makes this Oktoberfest the “Merriest of them all!?!?” It’s the camaraderie.

About 1.5 years ago, I found myself over at Summit for 1 of the inaugural Twin Cities Beer Choir singing get-togethers.

Our friends at Summit invited us down, so we thought we’d go, but to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect.  This event made me refall in love with events again.  It’s about the closest thing to a real German Oktoberfest, where there is a surge of community and feeling of closeness to all in attendance.


It might have started a little awkward, with guests not knowing what to expect, but after a few beers and grand presentation by the group’s choir leaders (leads the National Lutheran Choir, so yea, he’s a good singer), it became something for the memories.

This event is for people of all ages and backgrounds that want to come experience something new, fun, and feel like part of a community.

Anyway, the group’s facebook page says it way better than I can, I can only corroborate that everything they are telling you is spot on.


“When you walk into a beer hall for a Beer Choir event, you find a vivacious, borderline rowdy, gathering of fellow drinking singers ready to lift their voices (and glasses) in song. Encouraged by a one or two outgoing Song Leaders, and supported by a kindly pianist, attendees BECOME the choir that sings while drinking beer. Grab a Hymnal—our songbook that will guide the evening—and a pint and get ready to join in on traditional drinking songs from Europe and America, some popular tunes and hymns, and a handful of adventurous choral songs. You don’t need to love choral music, or even sing well, to enjoy Beer Choir—all you need to do is show up!”



SATURDAY 10/29/18 | 4-7PM


Facebook Event


This year’s event promises to be the biggest Beer Choir event of the year! In the center of Como Park at the Spring Cafe. Bring your kids, your friends, and join in for a great time.

SINGING: Join 12 choirs – their harmonizing will totally drown out anything  you might be bringing that is off-pitch.  We sing traditional drinking songs of Europe.

BEERS: Lakes & Legends / Inbound Brew Co will both have a wide selection of beers to enjoy.



Twin Cities Beer Choir Oktoberfest Saint Paul Minnesota


Join the following choirs & Sponsors:

National Lutheran Choir
Great Northern Union
The Apollo Club
Twin Cities Women’s Choir
Valley Chamber Chorale
Caritas Vocal Ensemble
Edina Chorale
Metropolitan Men’s Choir
VocalPoint Chorus
One Voice Mixed Chorus
Minnetonka Choral Society
Craft Notes




FREE Event
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