Ultra Spicy Cocktail Anyone?

A very spicy limited release from Roseville, Minnesota’s – Bent Brewstillery.
A defiantly different rendition of their spiced rum Storm Bringer Rum will bring the heat of summer to your taste buds.
After Isabel Street Heat used the Brewstillary’s Dark Fatha barrels to ferment a wildly delicious sriracha hot sauce, Bent Brewstillery refilled these barrels with their spiced rum, Storm Bringer.  By doing so, they created this eye opening spicy cousin of their flagship spirit with a name that is only appropriate to put into words.
Don’t let the heat scare you; this hell fire of a spirit compliments many cocktail favorites and summer grill marinades. Try the Flame Bringer with a Margarita, Bloody Mary, Tequila Sunrise (substitute with Flame Bringer and add a few dashes of traditional bitters on top with a lime wedge).
Only sold at Bent Brewstillery and its being released Saturday, April 8th, along with other heated favorites.