The World’s Best Workout

I really gotta applaud PornHub for their selfless foray into personal Fitness.

They probably understand better than anyone the extra flab people have been putting on (amateur video examples…) and have decided to do something to fight it.

Yup. They built an app for that.

According to Pornhub VP Corey Price,“Today, due to our hectic work schedules and lack of motivation, many of us do not receive regular amounts of physical activity and lead sedentary lifestyles. Here at Pornhub, we know from experience that there’s one activity people are always motivated to do and one for which they are never too busy. That’s getting busy.”


Users sign up for the game, select number of players, synch their phones, then get busy.

It’s kinda like Dance Dance Revolution, only you’ll be bangin’.  You even get high scores that you can post online or send out braggin’ rights.


Bangfit / Explainer Video from Vladimir Marchukov on Vimeo.


My friend Charlie thinks the only missing element is the opportunity to find workout partners, but maybe they’ll make a sweet partnership with Tinder.

Anyway, they do say MN is 1 of the healthiest states…

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