Red Stag Block Party – We can’t wait!

The Red Stag Block Party is one of the greatest block parties of the summer, and the 9th annual one is going down THIS WEEKEND in good ol’ Nordeast.


I believe this is the 2nd year they’ve teamed up with the Growler to do “In Cahoots,” which puts local breweries on a team of 2 and has them compete…. The crowd votes on their favorites and the breweries share a trophy for the crowd fav.


The event was a GREAT TIME; weather just seems to be the Red Stag’s best friend, and the line-up was pretty awesome too:)


Red stag in Cahoots
2014 Red Stag Block Party


To be honest, the 1st year’s event yeilded some pretty un-inspiring beers in this writer’s humble opinion. ¬†Last year it was a Dangerous Man & Fulton’s “13th Task Golden IPA” that won over the fans, but I have a sneaking suspicion this was because it tasted almost identical to Fulton’s Sweet Child IPA, which was the only “straight-up” beer of the mix.

(Everyone tries to do new and creative things/infusions, but in the end, everyone just loves a good beer)


It’s my prediction that this year, teams will take cue’s from last year’s champs and do more straight-up, high quality beers without the crazy an experimental infusions (but that is just my hope).



Details for this year’s Red Stag Block Party



Facebook Event


The Beer Competition

5 teams, 5 new beers all done in collaboration from…


Summit Brewing & Bent Paddle

Schells & Bent Brewstillery

Dangerous Man & Socialable Cider

Fulton & Fair State Brewing

Bang Brewing & Dave’s Brew Farm


The Line-up

2:00-2:45 The World’s Most Dangerous Polka Band
3:00-3:45 Lydia Liza
STREET 3:45-4:00 – Epitome No Question
4:00-4:45 Field Trip
5:00-5:45 Black Market Brass
6:00-6:45 Al Church
7:05-8:00 Mixed Blood Majority
red stag block party